These really funky hipster wreaths start from a large 50cm up to 80cm  they look so amazing hanging at your special function 

Available in MDF so you can paint , Imagine the wording in one colour  eg gold and the wreath in a green colour or just keep it all the same colour it is really up to your imagination, 

or choose the no fuss White or Black, *

the come with either in a plain circle or a floral wreath with either options 

each wreath has a maximum 3-4 words only 

Please type the words exactly as you would like it either all lower case or 1 capitol and the rest lower case as we cut them as they are typed 

eg : Isabella's 21st 

Zara is One 

Mia's  holy Communion

* colour signs are made from  an aerated polymer acrylic with a matt front and back